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TruArc 7 Global Compass

TruArc 7 Global Compass


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TruArc 7 mirrored compasses feature an inclinometer for measuring apparent tree heights and gauging avalanche danger, and can be used as a sighting tool for even more accurate heading. TruArc Global Needle system and tool-less declination compensation ensures worldwide compatibility.


  • Overall Dimensions: 2.9x4.2x.6"
  • Weight: 1.8 oz
  • 2 Degree Resolution
  • Map Magnifier
  • Inch/CM Scales
  • Global Needle


Global Needle

A globally balanced compass needle allows for a compass to function correctly as it moves North and South across the globe without inaccuracies caused by needle 'dip.' The intensity of Earth's Magnetic field varies depending on latitude. Taking advantage of this, Brunton's TruArc Global Needle compensates for its normal magnetic bias at the production facility (Wyoming, USA, 43° N, 70 nano-Teslas) using angular displacement at the center gravity mass at the needle base; eliminating needle dip and promoting functionality all over the world without special rebalancing.

Rare Earth Magnet

Unlike traditional compass needles which are composed of basic metals that are temporarily magnetized, rare earth elements are ferromagnetic meaning their magnetization is permanent. So while a typical compass can sometimes reverse or lose its polarity, Brunton Rare Earth fitted compasses will always seek north, no matter interference or outside magnetic conditions. These are the same high density magnetic anisotropic materials trusted in professional Brunton Pocket Transits for more than a century.

Tool-free Declination

The difference between geographic North, which maps and charts are oriented towards, and magnetic North, which attracts your compass needle, varies depending on your position on the globe. Brunton's tool-free declination compensation allows for full compatibility East and West without the use of a turn-key that is easily misplaced, damaged, or loses function in cold temperatures.


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