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Rite in the Rain

Trail Explorers no longer offers Rite in the Rain Products, we would like to thank our customers who came from all over the world to purchase the best outdoor writing paper in the world. Market conditions aka Amazon became a direct competitor and needless to say this diminshed our sales incredibly fast this decision was made by Rite in the Rain and we were apprised of this and were one of the dealers set to continue our online sales we were representing the product and moving sales briskly, our trepidation at this move was tempered with understanding that it was a business decision and Rite in the Rain needed to diversify its sales channels.

We felt confident going into the hoilday sale season of 2016 we would see a small downturn because our dedicated customers and our deals would help offset the loss of new customers. we were a little over confident and definitely wrong in or assessment. Needless to say our sales almost died form a flowing river to a drip ironically I suppose. We would recommend using the link below to shop Amazon, but be careful the prices are not always the best and sometimes inflated beyond suggested retail Price, if you go directly to you will get actual retail pricing they too are recommended by us.

Again thank you for your years of patronage and hope to see you on the trail again!

Take Care Doug Howe 

Owner Trail Explorers