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Mount Whitney

  • Mount Whitney
  • Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney


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Mount Whitney is universally famous as the highest mountain in the United State outside of Alaska, as well as the highest point in California. National Geographic's Trails Illustrated map of Mount Whitney is a two-sided, waterproof map designed to meet the needs of Whitney visitors with unmatched durability, detail, and up-to-date recreation information.

The front side of the map details the topography, hiking and horse trails of Mount Whitney's south side, through Sequoia National Park, Inyo National Forest and Golden Trout Wilderness. The Pacific Crest Trail cuts a treasured pathway through the map, with clearly illustrated amenities available at Cottonwood Pass and Cottonwood Lakes campgrounds just a short hike away. The inset features tips on backcountry safety, contact numbers, and essential information about the region.

The north side topography on the reverse side treks through Sequoia National Park, Sequoia-Kings Canyon Wilderness, Inyo National Park, and the John Muir Wilderness. Both the Pacific Crest and John Muir Trails are highlighted, along with the complete and most popular route for ascending the mountain, the 11-mile Mount Whitney Trail (alternate routes are also shown). View the amenities of the Lone Pine, Tuttle Creek, and Whitney Portal campgrounds, where hikers begin to acclimate. An inset illustrates the elevation of the Mount Whitney trail profile to its 14,494 foot summit.

The Mount Whitney Trails Illustrated map is printed in the United States on durable synthetic paper, making it waterproof, tear-resistant, and trail tough - capable of going anywhere you do. The map is two-sided, and can be folded to a packable size of 4.25" x 9.25" unfolded size is 26" x 38".

Net proceeds from the sale of this map go to support the nonprofit mission of the National Geographic Society.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof and tear-resistant
  • Detailed road network and clearly marked trails for hiking, horseback riding, and four-wheel drive vehicles
  • Detailed topography and clearly defined, color-coded boundaries of national parks, national forests, and wilderness areas
  • Campground information includes trailhead markers, ranger station locations, boat launches, and CA Scenic Byways.
  • UTM and Latitude/Longitude grid, as well as selected waypoints and a scale bar for easy and accurate navigation.
  • Important safety information and tips regarding wilderness safety, survival tips, extreme weather conditions, and other potential hazards
Flat Size: 22"" x 32""
Scale: 1:40,000
Product Code: TI00000322
Folded Size: 4".25"" x 9".25""
Revision Date: 2013
ISBN: 9781566956468


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