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About Us

Welcome to Trail and thank you for stopping by to find out a little more about us in our little corner of the vast web wilderness!

Our company motto is Keep the Adventure Alive. It all started long ago in the "Great Pacific Northwest" and through living in one of the most beautiful regions in the country not to mention the world, where we have it all from high mountain ranges with active volcanoes, to highland desert, rain forests, giant timber, vast inland rivers and waterways, with the oceans salt chuck flavoring the air of Puget Sound all within our reach to explore and enjoy.

We could almost leave it at that but there is more, some would like to call this a mission statement. I would like to think of it as an "Adventure Statement", oh by the way my name is Doug, the Boss, owner, webmaster, hiking nut, and just fanatical lover of the outdoor lifestyle and all things it is to live an adventure everyday!

We started this website in 1999 to share our experiences and our knowledge of being outside in the natural world, our goal then was to provide good content and interact with our fellow explorers. Over the years it has evolved into a small store that offers various items to make your outdoor adventure more pleasurable, we began by offering National Geographic digital and folded map items, because that is where you start your expedition with a map! We branched out later into Leatherman tools as they are what you need when your on the trail a multi dimensional tool that can be there when you need it. We then started offering Rite in the Rain products so your adventures could be chronicled as did all of the great adventurers did throughout history. As our selections of items grew so did our customers, which are the most important part of our adventure we have dealt with people from all over the world.

We give the best pricing on all of our items upfront so the customer knows right away we are here to help, we also have made it our passion to treat every customer like the old country store clerk who was always glad to see their neighbors stop by for supplies or just to say hello. That is how we like to do business, there a too many online companies that forget the customers are not just numbers on a spread sheet, (I know this from experiencing online sellers that are not friendly at all). So we take care of each customer the same and answer all inquiries, and and are there when problems arise and try to make the experience a good one when they shop at Trail Customer Service is our first job with you.

We are a small company but growing we are always looking for good products for our customers and getting rid of the ones that don't pass quality or our customers standards, (yes we have had a few of those) and we welcome input or suggestions for new products to offer. and have large list we are slowly implementing check out our catalog it has quite few different things, no we are not REI or Cabelas or even Amazon (btw we sell stuff on Amazon too!) but then we can also answer your questions and get your items to you in most cases much faster than the big guys. Our shipping department is always making sure your order is filled correctly and in a timely manner, and yes sometimes we mess up but we also make it right if that does happen without any fuss.

Well that is pretty much it, not too many words for an adventure statement, but we like what we do, we want to share it with you, and offer you great items for your own adventure and back up what we sell, and we will get you taken care of for your outdoor adventure needs.

Thank you again for stopping by, take care on the trail and Keep your Adventure Alive!

Doug Howe

Owner Trail Keeping the Adventure Alive!