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Fisher Military Space Pen Black Matte (Medium Point)

Fisher Military Space Pen Black Matte (Medium Point)


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Fisher Black Matte Tactical Military Pen

This black Military Fisher Space Pen is used extensively by the US Armed Forces. The rugged design and consistent operation don't even break a sweat under the insane operating conditions the Armed Forces put them through. It is a 'get the job done with no fuss' kind of pen. Its metal body and matte black coating are durable and simple. One-handed clicking exposes and retracts the ink head. It is ready to go at a moment's notice and will write for sure.

Fisher Space Pens all use the same High-Tech Sealed Pressurized Ink Cartridge. Its specifications are amazing. It will write in all temperatures from -30 degrees Fahrenheit up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, over most grease, under water, in zero gravity, and at any writing angle.



Fisher Space Pen Technology

Unlike ordinary ball pens which rely on gravity to feed ink, the replaceable Space Pen cartridge is pressurized.  At nearly 35 pounds per square inch, ink is continuously fed to the tungsten carbide ball, allowing the user to write at any angle, even upside down.  This advanced technology required Fisher Space Pen Co to develop a new and special ink.

And we did. The new visco-elastic, thixotropic ink, with a consistency similar to that of very thick rubber cement, flows as a result of the shearing action of the rolling ball in its socket.  This shearing action liquefies the solid gel thixotropic ink, allowing the pen to write smoothly and dependably on the most surfaces and even underwater.

Evaporation, wasted ink and back leakage are eliminated.  The estimated shelf-life of our pens is over 100 years.

WRITES FROM -30 TO +250 F 





  • Ink Color: Black
  • Point size: Medium
  • Part No. SM4B
  • Packaging: Blister Card 




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